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Der Friedensberg


The Friedensberg energy site


“Mens sana in corpore sano?”

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” says an Italian idiom which is the guiding theme of our Health Park Sellin at the Friedensberg – the place for rehabilitation and good health. Our trim trail for body, mind and soul has the goal to help finding inner peace. On three levels our visitors can remedy their body temple guided by information boards. Impressive natural stone stairs serve to connect the material world of the busy street Wilhemstraße to the silent and protective energy site, accessing the sphere of emotions. In the myth of the Germanen, this monumental staircase represents the "Bifröst", the so-called "Rainbow Bridge". It is the contact between the gods and mankind, between Asgrad and Midgard (Earth). And so here the people can experience their access to their spiritual in Sellin, when Heimdall, the guardian of Asgard, permits entrance. For your help the “guided self-diagnosis with help of an energy site” exists since 2007 and is of unique characte (Dr. Ralf Marius Bittner).


 “Journey to the truth”

Druids, shamans and other initiates use power places, geomancers explore them and many people sense them – places with an extraordinary aura. They facilitate something which we desperately need: ease, balance and most of all the connection with our inner guidance which is of great importance especially in turbulent times. Geomancy and Radiesthesia make it possible to measure those peculiar places. We invite you to experience unforgotten moments in harmony with nature; let go and explore the place with ease. Alternatively, chose specific life topics described hereafter which can be worked on on-site in the prevalent energy field. For those who are new to the subtle spirituality we offer personal tours. Whether alone or in groups, please do not hesitate to contact us.

“At the foot of mount Friedensberg”

The energy site reaches across the newly accessed and enlarged area around the health administration of Sellin to mount Friedensberg (mount of peace). Our sculpture “Clara” welcomes our visitors in the northern part of our energy site. She transports beauty, kindness and brightness, intuitively evoking a close connection between viewer and art piece. Our generous pergola with benches invites visitors to rest. Northeast from the spa administration, pathways guide you to the beautiful Baltic Sea terraces with benches and a cobbled hollow with seal stone sculptures, art objects and fantastic seating opportunities to rest. Opposite the health administration you find our enerously greened courtyard with eye catching plantings setting beautiful accents, and a wall bench inviting guests to stay. The courtyard welcomes our visitors to the park and links to mount Friedensberg. You get to Friedensberg by using the promenade which is now connecting the streets  Warmbadstraße and Hermannstraße. The southern end of the Friedensberg is formed by a new square at street Hermanstraße, with benches and a beautiful pergola. The square invites you to relax and to look at the nice sculpture. The piece, symbolising Sellin’s merman spewing water, provides the place with its special character. All around Friedensberg you will find seats giving you the opportunity to rest. A new playground in the northwest of the park with sandbox, spider net and roundabout provides fun for all children both young and old. From August-Bebel-Straße you can get to Friedensberg via nicely arranged forest paths. If you want to get to the park from Wilhelmstraße, use the broad new granit steps between the two buildings “Haus Lottum” and “Haus am Meer” which bring you right up to the promenade. At the bottom of the stairs you will find the sculpture “Martha”; a girl balancing on the globe. The sculpture draws attention to the characteristic centre that you find here. It connects the busy tourism axis of Sellin with the energy site (our Rainbow Bridge).

“Being active surrounded by nature”

Following this motto, fitness stations along the promenade provide the opportunity to keep fit by training several body movements, suitable for both the young and the old. The trim stations are equipped with information boards which describe ergonomically correct exercises appropriate to age. A trim path especially for the young provides a climbing area and exercise course which helps to train sense of balance and stamina, as well as specific exercises for a full muscle work out improving the entire body fitness. Parallel to it runs a trim trail for elderly people with specially designed units helping to exercise balance, co-ordination and stamina; there are:
Exercise Wheel - Nordic Trainer - Rocking Board - Balance-Beam - Arm Trainer - Sport Lane.

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